Technical assistance is the process of providing targeted support to organizations and institutions who want to implement principles of resiliency and trauma mitigation into the programming and practices. Technical assistance is one of the most effective methods for building the capacity of an organization or institution in addressing trauma.

Program Development

We work with clients from the initial stages of program planning and development. We work with grant-seekers, program designers, funders, and stakeholders to clarify the desired effects (outcomes) of programming and to ensure that a proposed program is optimally designed so that it achieves its intended goals.

Areas of focus:

Health programs

Youth development programs

Economic development programs

Advocacy programs

Curriculum Development

We support organizations in developing culturally respectable, trauma centered health education an important part of providing relevant education for both providers and program participants is ensuring that classes at all levels, from early childhood to post-secondary, are best designed to help participants be successful in learning the material and gaining the skills needed to continue to support their organization, community and themselves.

Evaluations and Reporting

Evaluation is critical to identifying, monitoring, and managing success. Resilient Wellness assists organizations across the country in improving productivity, enhancing effectiveness, and increasing efficiency through evaluations.  Our evaluations can be comprehensive, gathering information using qualitative and quantitative data. They provide an in-depth analysis of implementation – what was done, as well as evidence of impact – what difference did it make. Our studies result in essential, well-documented data that our clients need to make important decisions on program funding and expansion.

Software and App Design

We provide customized development of mobile and web applications for health related organizations and institutions that want to implement technology into their existing scope of work.

Innovating SYSTEMS

RWHEALTHTECH is known for performing research studies that transforms health by highlighting the key drivers of  health inequities and identifying effective and efficient ways to deliver health programming and develop policy. We provide support and direction to external partners and clinician researchers with all aspects of collaborating, planning and conducting research.

If your organization or institution is interested in our technical assistance services, please email 
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