Quality Improvement includes our coordinated efforts to improve outcomes for systems, providers and health consumers.

Health Education

We utilize the ecological model and political economy framework for all of our health education. Allowing participants to understand health education from a wholistic standpoint.

Designed to address gaps in understanding regarding cultural differences in service need and prevention for upcoming increase in need for trauma related services.

Systems Designation

We work with systems on the macro and micro level to implement strategies to eliminate trauma and ease the perpetuation of trauma.

Intergrative analytics

We work with complex forms of data to identify the ways in which trauma perpetuates stagnation within the healthcare industry.

Innovating SYSTEMS

Our Quality Improvement seminars are designed to support healthcare executives, staff and direct service providers in addressing internal and external barriers to achieving health promotion.


To learn more about our quality improvement efforts, read our Theory of Change. You can also schedule a call as well.
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